Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Michigan, I can say one thing, It's a really cool job!

We get to go out on a wedding day and  record a very special set of images, an indispensable collection of memories of a very, very special day. A union between two people, a bride and a groom.

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It's a day you will be talked about to children, even grandchildren. Wedding images will perhaps be passed down through generations. The bride and groom, and probably the parents, have planned every single detail of this very special day.  From the bridal gown, to the chair coverings, all the way down to the place setting cards. Yet it's over in the blink of an eye. Most couples say that it's all a blur, that they can't remember very much of it. Why would they, they only have eyes for each other. And there is so much going on, so much to take in.

Yes, it's great to be a Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer.bride and groom underwater

In the end, the thing that you will have to keep those memories alive is your wedding photography.  This makes the quality of your images extremely important, critically so. When it comes to choosing someone to capture the big event, choose wisely. Spend a little time getting to know your photographer, build rapport with them, or at least allow them to build it with you. It will make a difference when that beautiful Italian Wedding Album is placed in your hands.

Speaking of albums, I find it fascinating that some studios only offer digital files of your wedding photography. It may be convenient, or even cost effective, but as we hand our clients both a beautiful Italian wedding album AND digital files on a thumb drive, I have never, absolutely never, see them get excited about the digital product. It's the album that brings on the tears of joy. It's the album that can be laid on someones lap, so that they can enjoy flipping through the pages. A thumb drive isn't really going to become a family heirloom, now is it?

Weddings are all about romance!

Of course there are many different aspects to the day - but it's the romance, the love, the lifelong commitment between two people that touches our hearts. What could be more romantic than a wedding? What does every bride see in her mind when she imagines her wedding photographs? It's your wedding photographer who will be entrusted to create your dream images, record the day, get great shots of all of the details you spent a year planning and investing in.

Out of all the things you will plan for your wedding, I believe that the decision as to who will capture your wedding photography is the biggest decision you will make.

Wedding photography, good professional wedding photography, is an art form. When you look closer at what it truly involves, it's a highly specialized subject. If you search the term Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer there will be many sites to see. Be sure to choose carefully.

Because when the day has passed, and you want to remember everything that happened, how you both looked, who was present, walking down the aisle, the kiss, and all of the other things you planned meticulously, it's the wedding photographs that you will turn to. Your wedding album will become extremely valuable.

You and your wedding photographer should have a connection - be at one with your visions, what you like and what you don't like. Take as much time as you need to find the wedding photographer that gels with you, because they will be with you for longer than anyone else on your wedding day, and the wedding photography is really all that you are left with going forward. The cake will be eaten, the tables dismantled, the food and drinks consumed - it's the work of your wedding photographer that you take home with you. Make sure it's awesome work!

Back to those romantic images - these are the photographs that I absolutely love to create on a wedding day - the photographs that exude love and feelings, the ones that you will want to hang on your wall. A wedding day is as exciting a day as you will ever have - let's make sure that you have the photographs to remember it with, memories that can be passed down through generations. Brides always say that their day is a blur, so it's really important to have beautiful photographs to not only tell your story, but also to remember it with.

Hopefully we have offered you some pointers within this page, but of course if you need more advice, please call. To discuss your wedding photography,  you can connect with us either on Facebook, or by using the Contact link in the menu.

I encourage you to browse the site, look at the work of a dedicated, full time wedding photographer, and if you like what you see come and have a consultation. It's free, there is no pressure, and you will learn a lot about how your wedding day is likely to flow. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Hugh Anderson.

Venture Photography has photographed weddings at the following venues: The Colony Club, Meadow Brook Hall, The Dearborn Inn, The Henry Ford Museum, The Royal Park Hotel, Iroquois Club, Longacre House, The Pine Knob Mansion, Grosse Pointe War Memorial, The Detroit Zoo, The Roostertail, Westin Book Cadillac and many more. Ask for details of images from these venues.