senior photo shoot bloomfield hills 01

Senior Photo Shoot – Xochi

Senior photo sessions are always a blast!

A few days ago Xochi came around with her mom and brother, and we shot some images. Four of them are below. Xochi was certainly a quiet girl, but she definitely has in inner strength – her brother was quick to confirm that! When mom comes around to look at the results, and cries at the sight of the first images, I’ll take that as a sign that we had a successful senior photo session.
senior photo shoot bloomfield hills 01
senior photo shoot bloomfield hills 02
senior photo shoot bloomfield hills 03
senior photo shoot bloomfield hills 04

Noah's event wedding auburn hills-12

Noah’s, Auburn Hills | Kirstie & Neil | A Few Wedding Images

Kirstie & Neil celebrated their wedding at Noah’s in Auburn Hills.

The day was beautiful, everything went smooth, and the images were many! It’s funny, although I never personally photographed this event, as I edit the images I find myself at times with a tear in my eye from seeing the connection between Kirstie & Neil. What they have for each other leaps off the screen at me, it’s powerful stuff. I recall how close they were when I photographed their engagement session.

And what about this “First Look”? This, in my opinion, completely captures a very, very special moment. Thanks to Stacey Shy & Dave Lamarand for a great set of images. Enjoy.
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-01
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-02
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-03
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-04
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-05
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-06
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-07
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-08
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-09
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-10
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-11
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-12
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-13
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-14
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-15
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-16
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-17
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-18
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-19
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-20
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-22
Noah's event wedding auburn hills-21


San Marino Club Wedding – Gina & Justin Sneak Peek

A winter wedding at the San Marino Club, Troy.

No matter how many people I work with, time and time again it always amazes me how genuine and downright nice everyone is. Gina and Justin are no exception. They really were a joy to work with. Having said that, they were so immersed in each other – I’m not even sure if they noticed I was there! True love, it was absolutely tangible on Saturday.

We braved the weather and spent some time in the park for their First Look. When I say “we”, I mean “them”. I had a coat and hat on! Everyone smiled through it all, and never complained about the cold.

The ceremony and reception were held at the San Marino Club in Troy. The ambiance was perfect, the food was wonderful, and everyone had a blast. Though I have been in the San Marino Club a few times before, this was my first wedding there. I hope to return!

Gina & Justin, congratulations on your wedding, I’ll look forward to meeting you both again very soon.