Katy & Jeff’s Engagement


Katy & Jeff’s Engagement. We went to Greenfield Village this past weekend with Katy and Jeff to shoot their engagement session. I never realized just how big that place really is, but we definitely found some cool spots to shoot! Aside from being incredibly nice and down to earth people, Katy also has AMAZING eyes…


Karie & Ryan’s Engagement


Karie & Ryan’s Engagement. We had a lot of fun with Karie and Ryan this past weekend shooting their engagement session in Detroit. We can’t wait for their wedding in August, it’s going to be spectacular!

Jessica & Bryce’s Engagement


We clicked with Jessica and Bryce instantly, so we were thrilled when they decided to book us for their October wedding! We had a ton of fun shooting their engagement session and can’t wait for their wedding!

Joanna & Paul’s Engagement Session


Joanna & Paul’s Engagement Session. After a few failed attempts this past weekend luckily the wind died down for Sunday and we were able to shoot Joanna & Paul’s engagement session. They were in from out of town and we did the session literally on their way to the airport. I’m really glad that we…


Eli’s Bar Mitzvah


Eli’s Bar Mitzvah. For those of you that know us, you know that most of what we shoot is weddings. But this year we want to start branching out into other events, as well as shooting a lot more portrait sessions. So we started the season off right – with Eli’s Bar Mitzvah! Bar Mitzvahs…


Kate’s Maternity Session


Kate’s Maternity Session. So it seems we have been shooting beautiful, (nearly) naked women all week – which has been really rough on us, let me tell ya!  Actually the rough part has been having to sit on the images instead of sharing them.  I feel like we are on fire with everything we are…


Laura & Ryan’s Wedding


Laura & Ryan’s Wedding. We had the pleasure of photographing Laura & Ryans intimate wedding. With only 14 guests, including the bride and groom it was the most stress free event I have ever photographed, or even attended. Their wedding also happened to fall on my birthday, but I really couldn’t have found a better…




Morgan. Just a few photos from a session we did this past weekend with the daughter of one of our wedding clients.  She is so sweet and adorable, I would love to start shooting children a lot more!

Melissa & Nick’s Engagement


Melissa & Nick’s Engagement. We shot Melissa & Nick’s engagement session this past weekend and had an awesome time!  It’s great to be getting back into the swing of things as the quiet season is coming to an end.  These guys are such a cute couple and we are really excited for their wedding!

Hugh with the brides contest 2009


Hugh with the brides contest 2009. As some of you may know, in 2009 we ran a contest for our couples.  Each bride was to come up with the most creative pose to have her picture taken with Hugh (if you read the archives you will see how this originated).  The winner will receive a…