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Memories That Touch Us

Memories that touch us seems like an appropriate title for this post. As I sit working on our website restructuring, checking how each page is displaying, and that each video slideshow is working properly, it’s a lot of fun. It’s almost like being back in the moment.

Brides go in search of the best wedding photographer, or maybe an award winning wedding photographer, or whatever it is that seems to be important in what they expect from a wedding photographer. These things are of course important, they truly are. But what’s more important is the end result. Perhaps the most important thing is to find a photographer who’s images make you smile, cry, feel. Images that show emotion.

I just watched the slideshow below from the wedding of Bridget & Alex, and I don’t mind admitting – it made my eyes well up. The emotions between them that were so obvious, so heightened on the day, all came flooding back to me.

I am not a fan of opening a web page and hearing music, so forgive me for adding music to this file. Take a moment, turn the volume up a bit, and enjoy the following presentation. To me, this is what wedding photography is all about, capturing a day that will forever be a highlight of someones life. Special moments that are unrepeatable, because this perfectly unique day will never happen again. Enjoy.

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Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses. Looking through our wedding images, I suddenly noticed that a lot of our clients have Vera Wang Wedding Dresses. It got me to wondering, just who wears what in the wedding dress arena. How many dresses are by designers like Vera Wang, as opposed to other sources.

Maybe I should do a poll? Anyway, here are a couple of the Vera Wang wedding dresses worn by two of our favorite brides.




Sneak Peek – Trang & Kenny

Here are some sneak peek images from the wedding of Trang & Kenny.

It was a wonderful day! Despite the threat of rain, it never materialized and for Trang & Kenny it was smooth sailing.

We were able to spend time in and around the DIA, always a beautiful place for photography. The reception was at the Colony Club, a stunning venue. Once I discovered how much involvement Trang had in putting together the reception details, I was thoroughly impressed. The sweet table was a work of art!

Watching Kenny interact with the children present at this wedding was really cool. There were quite a few little ones, and Kenny was dancing with all of them. It was really nice to see.

Congratulations to both of you, and thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day.