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What We Do.

Metro Detroit Wedding Photography is our specialty. It's one of the most exciting and challenging area of people photography. There is just so much to cover! Click the link to check out more info on booking a wedding photographer.


Engagement Session - And Why We Do It.

At Venture we always start with your engagement session. It's the only way we will know how you photograph, and it helps you become accustomed to our cameras. This makes your wedding photography a much more relaxed experience.

By the time your wedding day arrives, we have shot your engagement session photos, discussed all aspects of them, and now have a clear picture of what you like best. A trial run, shall we say?

Wedding Day Details.

As well as making sure that all of the important shots are covered on the big day, there are all of the variables to take into account. Will the officiant be accommodating or a little more strict? Will the hair and make up girls get the bride and bridesmaids ready in time? If they are late, the whole day will now be running behind.

Then there is the weather of course. Metro Detroit Wedding Photography certainly deals with all kinds of weather! Taking a great photograph of a bride, groom, and a 20 person bridal party takes skill. But if it's windy and raining? Now we are moving into the realms of serious creativity. It really does take a lot of expertise to work under such pressure, and to do it all day long.

This is what we do at Venture Photography - Wedding Photography in Michigan is our thing.  From your engagement session, to your final album delivery, trust Venture Photography to make your special day even more special.  Consultations are informative and free.

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