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Looking for an artistic wedding photographer in Michigan?

At Venture Wedding Photography we specialize in weddings and portraits, covering South East Michigan, particularly the Metro Detroit, Oakland County and Washtenaw County areas. However, we sometimes work further afield, including places such as Jamaica & Scotland, as well as other U.S. states.

Our work may be best described as "artistic wedding photography with a fashion flair". The definition of artistic photographer is of course subjective. Have a look at our images to see if our style fits with your taste. We hope it does.

Venture Photography has been photographing Michigan weddings since 2007.  We are made up of Hugh & Stacey Anderson, and we started our photography company out of our love for photographing people. We were both involved in photography a lot earlier than 2007 though. Please browse our site, and if you want to sit down for a chat, please get in touch. There is absolutely no sales pressure in our consultations.

The information below will give you some insights that will help you in your search for  your wedding photographer, and we do hope that we will be considered.  There are more detailed pages throughout the site that are well worth checking out too.  Head over to the Wedding section for a list of useful articles, or access the from the links in the footer of every page.


Planning A Wedding.

There's a lot of planning involved in a wedding, and getting a Wedding Planner is often a good idea. Having someone there to take all of the stress away from you is worth it's weight in gold. There are different options available, here are a couple.

Day-of Coordinator

As the title suggests, this person will be there on the wedding day, and take care of many things that need to be dealt with. From the set up, the co-ordination of vendors, and the final clean up, this person co-ordinates, rather than plans. For this service, a flat fee will apply.

Full Service Planner.

This planner takes care of most everything, including arranging and being present at vendor meeting, selection of reception details, the whole deal. If you have no time to plan your wedding, a full service planner might be the answer to your dreams. What's included in the above examples will vary from company to company, but this gives you an idea of what's involved.


The Business Of Bridal Photography

Being a Michigan artistic wedding photographer has it's challenges, just like any other profession. The best laid plans don't always always go to, well, plan! When things do get off course, a professional adapts.

The weather of course can be a little unpredictable. That's one of the challenges for any wedding professional, and one that your photographer should be able to meet head on with confidence and skill. It's what makes it exciting - every wedding is a new adventure. The experience built up from years of dealing with unpredictability, means that your Venture photographer can always be relied upon to keep things moving smoothly along. But wait, surely the photographer is just their to take the photographs? No, it's much more involved than simply wedding photos.


A Wedding Timeline.

One thing we hear after every wedding is this: "it went so quickly, it's all a blur"

Yes, that day you have been planning for a year or more, looking forward to for perhaps many years, will fly by faster than you want it to. To get the most from your wedding day, you need a plan. Never planned a wedding day before? We have! We do it all the time. Let's be clear though, we are not talking about being a Wedding Planner. That's an entirely different discipline. We are talking about a wedding timeline.

There will be a set structure laid down for your day, a path to follow, and of course you can't be expected to keep looking at your watch, checking to see what's to happen next. So who is around you all day long that could take that responsibility off of your shoulders, relieve you of that pressure? Your wedding photographer of course. Our timeline, that we have arranged with you, is in our possession all day long, and we keep the flow going. All you have to do is relax, enjoy your most special day, and leave the stress to us.


A Wedding First Look.

Many, in fact most, of our clients opt to do a First Look. There are many benefits to seeing each other before your actual ceremony, and we would be happy to explain what those benefits are.

A lot of people though are against it to begin with, then once armed with why it helps you have a much better day, they have a change of heart.  Not convinced? It's your day, and your call, and we would never try to sway you into doing something you didn't want to. But in the interest of getting the very best from your wedding day, please look into this. Once you know what the options are, you can make an informed decision.


Detroit Weddings.

If there was ever a cool place to conduct the business of wedding photography, Detroit has to be it. We can walk with our bride and groom from a building steeped in splendor, to an abandoned shell of a structure - in a matter of minutes.

The photographic diversity is astonishing. There are of course the popular palces to visit, like the DIA, The Fox, Comerica Park, and The Riverwalk. But away from all of the places where lots of newlyweds congregate, there are the hidden gems. Where? Oh, that would be giving away our secret locations, let's save that for your wedding, shall we?

As far as wedding venues go, Detroit wedding photographers are a little spoiled. We get to photograph events in beautiful venues, and no matter where we work, the staff always seem to be polite and courteous. It always makes for a wonderful day. Recently, we have worked with The Colony Club, The Fillmore and The Detroit Athletic Club.

We have of course shot wedding at many more Detroit wedding venues, just ask if you would like to see example images of one that you are considering, or have booked. For Michigan photography, contact Venture today!


Indian Wedding Photography.

A word about different cultures. Our longest shoot, at 17 hours,  was an Indian wedding, or rather two weddings. The groom was American, the bride Indian. And so there were two ceremonies, one for each culture, and a really big party! We absolutely loved it.

It doesn't matter what nationality you are, or what nationality your photographer is. All that matters is that you like their work, and can make a connection.  Don't let geography stand in the way of a great wedding album.


"They Are Fabulous!!!

We are so excited about our wedding pictures that we want to recommend Venture Photography to everyone!

From the very first meeting with Stacey & Hugh they went out of their way to make sure we got what we wanted. They were not pushing and never tried to sell us on anything we didn’t want. That was very much appreciated by us because we had other vendors that were less than easy to work with. Capturing the memories of our special day was not something we wanted to worry about and we didn’t have to worry with them.

On our wedding day we felt so comfortable around Stacey & Hugh, it was like having 2 more friends at our wedding. They were not intrusive but they got the shots we wanted and also captured a lot of real moments not only of us but our friends and family. They went with the flow when we weren’t sure where to take outdoor pictures and in the end, it was Stacey’s suggestion to stop at a place that resulted in some amazing shots.

After dinner when they put the slide show up, everyone was coming up to us telling us how great they were. Everyone was telling me I looked like a model and our pictures looked like they were straight out of a magazine! What bride doesn’t love hearing that on their wedding day? We were so excited about what we saw at the reception that we could not wait to see all of our pictures, so you can imagine how thrilled we were to find all our photos online 2 days after we got home from our honeymoon!

We can’t stop looking at our beautiful photos and we can’t say enough good things about Stacey & Hugh. They are a pleasure to work with and they did an amazing job capturing the beauty of our wedding day! Thank you Stacey & Hugh!"

~ Kristy & Pete

"If we could only use one word to describe our relationship with Stacey and Hugh, their photography, and their professionalism, it would have to be AMAZING!"

~ Margaret W.

"I will write a proper "thank you testimonial letter" of your epic bad assery, when we get back. After spending the last two days reflecting on our wedding a few conclusions were reached. If I could have looked into a crystal ball, and seen the out come of our day, with every photography company from here to California, there is no way we could have picked better then you two.

You were both amazing, your talent as photographers is incredible. The helping in planning our timeline and keeping us on schedule, there is so much goodness to say I just don't have the time to say it.

So thank you will have to do for now. See you when we get back from Ireland! P.S. It's weird looking down when I type and seeing a ring"

~ Greg K.